Rally Obedience Class

All Classes are on Thursday Evenings
At the San Diego Zoo Parking Lot
Class Start Times Vary — Please Inquire if Interested

This class, as described in the AKC regulations, the dog will “demonstrate willingness and enjoyment while it is working and that the handler and dog appear to be working together as a team.”  This class builds on the beginning and intermediate obedience classes.

In Rally Obedience, you and your dog navigate a course together, side-by-side, at your own brisk pace. You move the dog through a course with signs (42 are used in Novice!). At each sign you and your dog perform different exercises that include a variety of turns and commands such as sit, down, stand, stay, etc. The classes teach you what the signs mean and how to best perform the exercises for your level of competition. Rally develops better teamwork between you and your dog and sharpens your dog's obedience skills and behavior, both at home and in public. Rally encourages you to use voice commands as well as hand signals to help your dog learn. These voice and hand signals are also used during a trial.  This is an exciting and fun way to teach your dog new skills.

Training level required for Novice Rally: CGC title, including the following basic obedience skills: sit, down, come, finish and heeling reasonably well at owner's side.

Training level required for Advanced, Excellent & Masters: Completion of previous rally class.

At the completion of this class, you can use the drop-in rally class to practice.  We encourage all of our student to enter trials and achieve the title of “Rally Novice.” Intermediate, advanced and excellent skills classes will be available at a later date. The first rally class will be available after the new beginner and intermediate classes are completed.

Rally Classes are Scheduled
Based on Level of Interest.
Call or Email Nancy for Additional
Information and Availability.

Nancy Asbury, Training Director
Email: nasbury@cox.net
Phone: (619) 890-6826

Fee is $60 for members, $80 for non-members
Minimum of 8 and maximum of 10 dogs allowed.

Click Here for Class Application
Please SAVE this PDF to your computer
(look for the little down arrow in the upper right,
or perhaps a square disk icon in Internet Explorer),
then open it with Acrobat to fill it out, print and bring to class!

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For Class Information:
Call or Email Nancy Asbury
(619) 890-6826 • nasbury@cox.net