Conformation Classes
(Open to All Members)

All Classes are on the First FOUR Thursday Evenings
of Each Month from 7:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m.
At the San Diego Zoo Parking Lot
(NO Classes will be held on the
5th THURSDAY of any month.)

This is an ongoing practice class for the conformation ring. It is available weekly on a drop-in basis. While very limited instruction is provided, participants are able to hone their conformation handling skills by gaiting, stacking, and having their dogs examined in a conformation ring.

The OCSDC provides guidance for dog owners that wish to compete with their dogs in the Conformation ring at an AKC show. These dog shows are where the entered pure bred dog must adhere to the standard of its breed and are judged by these standards. It is important for any exhibitor to know the standard, how your dog fits the standard, and how to exhibit your dog to the best of their attributes, as well as general show ring protocol and ring etiquette.

Please be prepared when you come to Conformation Class. Your dog should be well socialized before attending. Basic Obedience is always a help.

Some things you should have are:

1) As in Obedience class, wear proper, comfortable clothes, as well as shoes with closed toes.  (No flip flops or high heels.)

2) Use a proper show lead and collar. Show leads are different from obedience training collars and leads.  There are many different styles, so find which is best for your breed.

3) Bring bait or treats your dog enjoys and a “bate bag” or pouch to keep the treats in or wear clothes with easy access front pockets to keep your bait handy.  Some people use a very small toy or squeaker to keep their dogs excited.

4) Have a “Poop” bag handy in class. (What goes in may come out.)

5) Some extras people like to bring and keep near the edge of the ring are water for the dog, a comb for the dog, or a “drool towel” (for breeds that need them).

Conformation class is a chance to practice and polish your skills as a handler in the show ring. Treat every class as if it were a show.

1) Be prompt.

2) You never look better by making someone else look bad!

3) Be careful where you step - don’t step on any dogs feet, nose or tail.

4) Keep space between the dogs and do not run up on another dog. Generally in class the larger breeds and faster dogs line up first and the smaller or slower moving dogs bring up the rear.

5) Pick up any bait that you or your dog drops.

6) Do not squeak toys excessively. This can be a distraction to other handlers or other dogs, not to mention the judge.

7) Be polite. Do not visit socially with others in the lineup, as this can be a distraction. Listen to the trainer (judge) as what they are telling another student just might apply to you also.

Above all, have fun with your dog. If you have questions, do ask the trainer. We are here to help you.

This class meets the first FOUR Thursdays of each month (NO classes on the 5th Thursday) and there is no fee but students must be Members.

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